About Allison

Web Design and Marketing Solutions

Allison Alesi has the kind of resume that makes other resumes throw their papery little hands up in defeat. While attending the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, she worked as a product analyst for luxury firm, Stuller, Inc., giving her a first glimpse into the world of product usability. After graduating with her Bachelor of Science in Marketing degree in 2003, Allison joined Cox Media and began helping businesses identify target audiences and market while expanding their own usability.

In 2004, Allison went to work for Groundwork Services, generating leads for tech companies. During her time with Groundwork, she entered the realm of technology in earnest and began to hone her ability to translate technology into relatable, everyday language for business owners. In 2005, Allison started a long sojourn at Bizzuka, where she became enamored (in a strictly platonic way) with content management systems and their ability to offer usable business solutions for small business owners to manage their website and stay relevant to their industry.

All this experience, along with the deep personal and professional satisfaction she derives from helping businesses succeed, have made Allison the butt-kicking web design consultant she is today.

Want to talk to Allison about how Usable Creative can help your business? We assure you, the butt-kicking is purely figurative. Let’s start a conversation.