Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Solutions from Usable Creative

This system, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in layman's terms is how you keep track of your website visitors. The CRM database held within Adobe Business Catalyst is streamlined, easy to navigate, and offers several venues for tracking customer activity and simplifying business processes. But, more importantly, it’s totally awesome.

Some of Business Catalyst’s customer relationship management features include:

  • Drag-and-drop web form builder for you to create customized order forms, surveys, and invoices and insert them into your website or mobile site
  • Track customer activity, such as blog comments, orders, and forum posts, in real-time
  • Control multistep workflows through a centralized Admin Console
  • Automate business processes and generate tailored reports

CRM Increases Productivity, and Sales

At Usable Creative, we know the complex challenges of managing the daily operations of an organization can bog down your productivity. Business Catalyst’s unique streamlining capabilities allow you to move through your workflow so you can focus on attracting and engaging your audience, generating buzz, and establishing your brand.

Prepare to experience customer management software at its best. Let’s start a conversation.