Email Marketing

Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns with Usable Creative

The fable of the tortoise and the hare provides a useful way of thinking about email’s place in the scheme of social media marketing. 

The Modern Day Tortoise & Hare:  Facebook & Emails 

Facebook and Twitter are like the hare. They’re all about the rapid diffusion of information, so your latest update spreads quickly to a very broad audience. Of course, the very nature of status updates and Tweets means that your message doesn’t stay new for very long and you have to continue updating to stay fresh.

In comparison, email seems a little stodgy and tortoise-like. Email transfers quickly but its read at the recipient’s leisure. Your message, even if you send it to a large number of people, is received privately, so it lacks the look-at-me drama of Facebook and Twitter. Yet it’s these very qualities that can turn your email marketing campaign into a success. 

What Kind of Message Do You Want to Send?

Email encourages thoughtful content and excerpts which link back to your blog or website. Because your audience receives the email privately, you can personalize messages. This helps you create a personal bond and a sense of trust with clients, an essential first step in establishing brand loyalty and securing return business.

At Usable Creative, our Business Catalyst email manager and customer database allows you to select from a variety of eye-catching templates, create targeted recipient lists, and even automate newsletters to send based on customer birthdays or subscription dates.

Why not be the tortoise and the hare? Best part, you can be both! We’d be happy to talk to you about how a Business Catalyst-driven email campaign can complement your overall marketing strategy. Let’s start a conversation.